About Us

About Us

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Our Mission 

To promote and grow the Republican Party on campuses across the state of Ohio. To spread the message of Conservative values to the millennial generation. And to help elect Republican leaders across the state. 


What We Do

The OCRF prides itself on giving every chapter the resources they need to be successful. This includes connecting chapters with campaigns so we can work to elect to Republican leaders in Ohio. Also, we provide the tools necessary to spread our conservative message across campuses. Finally, we provide an outlet for conservative college students to meet, talk and be with other like-minded young conservatives. 

Our Reputation 

College Republicans in Ohio have built a reputation as a grassroots leader. In the 2012 election cycle College Republican Chapters across Ohio made up over 10% of all voter contacts made. Over the past year Ohio CR’s have been the leader in grassroots for the Republican ticket including over 150,000 voter contacts for the Portman For Senate team.